Atari 2600 bundle for sale

Here is what for sale, look at the pics. All is included, including a model 2 Atari 2600, smaller, but it is untested, my brother says it works. The original Atari does work, and is in good condition. Controllers do work, I'm not sure about the flight stick. Scared0o0Rabbit has first dibs, if he does want it, then I'm taking first come first serve basis. There are almost 100 games, some doubles, but all work. Feel free to ask questions. If it doesn't sell here, I'm putting up on Ebay within 2 weeks. The price is $250 without shipping, $275 with shipping. (if you decide to pay for shipping, you can see how much it will be). It will be packaged very well. Again, I have a good ebay rating if that concerns you. Thanks for looking!!


(dammit, pics won't load, i'll send them to you upon request)
Edit: well something has come up, and I can't afford to spend $250 on an atari. If you had a way of testing the spare system, I'd be interested in buying that... but I just can't justify spending that much. However I can host hte pictures for you if you like. Besides, I don't have space to keep 100 atari games lol.

Edit: Actually it's a friend of mine who is interested in getting the virtual Boy system, if he's not interested still then I won't be buying that... I'll hopefully talk to him tonite.
As promised, here are the pics:











Good luck on your sale, and as I said, I'd be interested in buying a few of the games maybe... and one of the units (assuming both work) but I don't have room for 100 atari games, and I just can't afford to spend that much on an atari.

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Chances are, it is 90% not working. I mean, how hard would it be to test the thing? Geez. It doesn't take a genius to figure THAT out. Another thing, the asking price is too high. Go sell it @ ebay and see how much you will get from it. Atari don't sell for that much.
Chances are, it is 90% not working. I mean, how hard would it be to test the thing? Geez. It doesn't take a genius to figure THAT out.

The Atari 2600 model 2 does work, I don't have it with me, it belongs to my brother. as you can see the pics were taken at two different locations. I personally could not test it, so I want to specify that. I will have it this weekend. The whole thing is for sale, we decided not to sell it seperatly.
I dunno if it's just me, but it seems kinda dumb to sell 2 atari 2600's in the same package, maybe you should like turn it into 2 packages of about equal value, then try and sell both or ebay both or something. Just seems like you could probably get more that way since hardly anyone cares about getting 2 of the base units I would imagine.