Atari 2600 on the big screen!

I played Empire Strikes Back for Atari 2600 on a 94in screen. It was the best game of empire I ever played. I blew apart like 12 of those suckers. Enjoying something like that reminds me why I'm white and nerdy.

Quite an issue getting the Atari2600 to the projector though, since it doesn't accept antenna input. I can't run it through my VCR or TV's main antennae, because the RF switch needed for the Atari causes lots of distortion on the regular channels. So I have to plug it in to the second "B" antenna input of the TV. And then I have to use the RCA output of the TV to send it to the RCA switcher #1 which goes into RCA switcher #2 (which upconverts to S-Video) which sends it to the Receiver which then sends the S-video to the projector.

BTW, if you're evern in the market for RCA/S-Video switchers, bypass that crap from the game stores and walmart. Radio Shack has their own branded video switchers that are all gold-plated and upconvert RCA to S-Video for the same prices as the other cheapo ones. They also have 5-input to 2-output support. The one I have also does auto-sensing, which so far works very well, though there are a few cases you can encounter where it might have issues.

I know that technically this doesn't make any sense, but the upconverted S-Video looks brighter and better than using direct RCA connection. Technically, the TV has to perform the same conversion of RCA back to Y+Cr+Cb before displaying it as the upconverter plus s-video input does. So the hardware path should be identical. The only explaination is that the radio shack hardware is better than the TVs, or maybe it has a built-in amplifier or something.