ATT Broadband FTP/Sega CD cases/serial mouse?

I will just go in order.

Is anyone running an FTP running it off of AT&T Broadband? If so, do you have to have a limit on the upload? In other words, is there anything I should do to avoid notice, so they don't question my usage of the internet?

(Reason: I have 20 gigs to devote to SegaCD games, but I wanted to know this. If no problems exist, it will be on my dedicated server, else on my server when I go back to college.)

Has anyone found any place to buy SegaCD like jewel cases? I've had little luck finding any.... links would be appreciated.

A final question: Can you hook up a normal serial mouse to a Sega Genesis? Would that cause a problem/hurt it?

Reason: Playing Eye of the Beholder [I love that game
] and it says you can use a mouse. Can't seem to find a Genesis mouse though.

Thanks for everything!
1.) Dont know but you will have to know your upload limit and figure out how you partion that outwhen running your FTP.

2.) Dont know why not use regular cd cases for now the slim cases are the cheapest and comes in a pack for 50 to 100 you can get them at you local COMPUSA.

3.) Yes you can but you will need to get a diagram of the serial port and make sure everyone connection pin connects to a socket port good place to get info like that