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Some of you may already know this, but there is already a way to play online without waiting for the microsoft internet service for xbox. I just got this months XBN magazine and it goes through it in detail so pay attention! And i'm sorry if you came in here expecting some phonomal thing but I at least thought this was the shit.

You will need an xbox, one of the only three supported game sso far which is halo, tony hawk 2x, or nascar heat 2002, and a hub with an extra wire. YOu will also need to pieces of software. The first is called gamespy arcade and the other is called gamespy tunnel. both can be found at There is more to it than that but how to hook it up and stuff is all explaned at they you gotta kinda figure it out for your self since i'm too lazy to type this but basically that's it. Cool 'eh? I'll see ya in halo!
wow i didn't know so many people knew that already. Sorry. Man.. i thought i was bringin' something cool to sx. OH well. I still have yet to try it though. Too lazy to buy a new wire.
Someone told me that but there is a small problem.PAL Versions aren't compactible to US and JAP when playing online.That really suxx.Im waiting to play some Final Fantasy 11 online since i watched the beta test stream for hours...looks fascinating :)
i play online with my DC now. it is awesome. seganet is awesome. i love playing nba 2k2 and sometimes nfl 2k2. tournments are so fun with nba 2k2!!!

i will get an xbox soon and by the time i get it offical online will be out and shit and i will just play there