attn: All Resident Evil Fans!

Hey Guys,

For a final project, I'm tackling the Resident Evil Series and its relationship to the zombie film.

1. What sites should I go to find information on the series?

2. Should I play the RE remake on Gamecube and the PSX in terms of plot development and story or would one or the other suffice?

3. I have the original Biohazard from Japan. Aside from the uncensored cut scenes, are there any story changes from Biohazard to RE??

4. Should I look into the gun game (Sole Survivor, right) for a plot, as well as the rest of the series?

5. Should I play Code Veronica for the Dreamcast or the PS2??

6. Finally, any recommendations of good zombie flicks would be appreciated. I looked on IMDB for zombie flicks and got almost three hundred films. Any zombie fans please give your opinions on the "quintessential" zombie flick.

Thanks guys.
Do I have a site for you!