Australian Saturn Community

Being an Australian Saturn collector and knowing the perils that we face, trying to get imports etc, i would like see if there are other aussies out there who i willing to give information on saturn related stuff within australia,


-retailers other than ebay that still support and service the saturn,

-places to obtain australian saturn info.. releases etc.

-other aussies experiences with the weak australian saturn market,

-ftps and trading communities.
you better scratch out the last request (now illegal in this forum. But it wasn't a week ago
). I'm now part of the aussie saturn community

got my saturn a couple of weeks ago for $5. didn't come with anything but mannaged to scrape together a controller, A/V cable, mod chip and some games.
Had you always been into the saturn or did you just get into it recently?

I had always had a saturn from the start but i was discouraged from importing due to the expenses, i have mainly only been heavilly collecting this year and i have managed to amass a rather healthy library of games 60+!
i've always had an interest in the saturn from when it came out. not being able to buy one was the only problem but as I said a couple of weeks ago I manage to find one at cash converters.
Other than what mal said, your best bet is second hand places. Burn Game Station doesn't have much in the way of Saturn these days.

I also have been known to trade from time to time...

EDIT: frickinMac keybards...ARRRRRGHHH!
I never said they were cheap.

I got a brand new 3D pad from them last year. It was the first new Saturn item I got...

I just found it more convenient to buy it from them at the time.
I'm also an ausie sega geek, totally devoted to riping my saturn apart and messing with it but I'm even greatly disadvantaged in obtaining these rare sega artifacts by living in out in the sticks in queensland....from waht i can gather there is nowhere to get mod-chips in australia..I'm desperate to get one, my saturn isn't gonna die from that crappy swap trick or jacking the laser up.. so yeah if anyone knows where I can obtain one in Australia or has one they can part with for a fair price...please help me......I'm also hoping to make a memory card seeing as though they are so difficult to find these days but the info i have so far is incomplete and mostly in japenese....there's other crazy ideas on the backburner like an mp3 player for the saturn.
If you can wait a week or two I'm planning on buying another batch of three mods from Gamegizmo and I'm sure we could come to some sort of arrangement.
OK. I'm about to order some mods from Gamegizmo.

Are there any Aussies or Kiwis that want me to get one for them? They'll end up being AU$30 each.

I've already got SilentSnipeR and marzy 0 down for one each. Anyone else?
OK, this is the last call.

I'm probably going to order tonight or tomorrow morning. If you want one get in quick.
hello.. i am just another aussie with a sega saturn.. i get alot of stuff from second hand shops.. i have a modded saturn THANKS YOU KNOW WHO.. and also i have been knowen to trade.
Yep, aussie here too.. long time lurker, first time poster.

I scored my saturn at cashies a while back also, except mine was $20 with a controller and AV cable... I've since got a mod chip for it (from lik-sang) and a 3d controller (ebay), but yeah it seems pretty hard to get decently priced stuff in au.

I reckon group buys are the way to go, considering the cost of overseas shipping is so high... wouldn't mind a Action Replay or even a VCD card sometime in the future.. anyone interested in getting something going?

SilentSnipeR: are you the same SilentSnipeR who goes to shafted (big LAN in au for everyone else)? If so, wanna *ughm* compare game collections at the event?