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There's a lack of selection of avatars - I was wondering if there was a way to get some personal ones hosted on SX? Or is that too much of a bandwidth issue?

Or is there a place to get an avatar hosted w/o it being blocked? Geocities seems to have blocked my Nightcrawler one...

My, this is a geeky thing to be asking. Ah well.
really? looks fine on mine... lol, odd. Why didn't none of y'all tell me... hmmm... then I'll be taking suggestions as well, again.
Hmm it looks fine to me (that is if little pickle things can look fine). So I guess fortunecity is ok for for image linking. Does anybody else see a hosted by fortunecity logo? The reason most people who use free sites don't notice those logos is because the image is already in their cache, so when the browser opens up the page it just loads the pic from there rather than downloading it. So, if you want to be sure try deleting you cache to make sure everything works right!
Low quality pic but you see what I mean, YOU see it because you have it in your cache, Ive never been to your host so I wont see it in my cache. FC wont do image linking like you thing and this is my proof. There are a few here on SX with this.

I can see both Nadius' sig pic and avatar. I'm pertty sure I've never been to his host either.

All your screen shot proves is that it doesn't show up on your PC.
It's fine for me too, but sometimes avatars disappear on other users (most notably Gallstaff and Cloud121).

Doesn't your ISP offer you some personal webspace with your internet account?
So this is an issue important to SXers.

You know, the best thing would be is if we could just upload them directly to ikonboard itself. Is this not a possibility?
To do with Alice In Chains.. Smack?

Do you know if the rumour about Layne Staley's gloves is true?
i had the same problem with my avatar i had no idea where to get it hosted. thanks to curtis you all can see my home made avatar of a spiffy looking anarchy sign that sort of reminds me of the batman logo just with a green anarchy sign.
Originally posted by segasonic@June 13 2002,15:09

What rumour is that? I'm intrigued

Spill the beans

OK, but it's pretty grim..

In all their later videos he wears gloves and supposedly the reason for this was that he had to have a finger/some fingers amputated because of gangrene from all that lovely needle abuse. Nice, eh?