Avoid chinese sites

my lust for getting stuff free lead me to come to the conclusion that i should avoid chinese sites. Here's some words of advice for everyone keep your virus program up to date and always load the latest virus deffinitions as soon as possible; also look into how to prevent java scripting in internet explorere(sure having it ask you if you want to run a java script all the time sucks but having your system files deleted sucks even worse).
or dont use IE

ive started using opera for pretty much all browsing apart from this site, due to the fact opera doesnt work with ikonboard 2 (it doesnt stay logged in, at least for me)

get around all the sites that disable right clicking as well
I use opera for pretty much all browsing, and I couldn't recomend it more. It's fast, (most) pages look great and it's not IE or netscape :)

I usually don't have problems with staying logged in here though.
I had a bit of a hiccup with the login stuff recently (With Mozilla, not with Opera). Try forcing reloading of the pages where you appear to not be logged in. And you need cookies enabled to stay logged in.
cookies are enabled, force reloading in opera takes me back to the news page (even with right clicking on the frame to do it)

and ie keeps losing track of posts ive marked as read, they gat marked as new when no replies have been posted to them (not all of the time either, just around 1/5 visits)
When I was surfing emuchina.net I got sent to this website that changed the computer settings to chinese and it said the computer was registered to tytdryfyhxdfcgd or some encripted shit. It also atumaticlly logged on aol to get on the net and then it would go to that website, after a week my friend came over and restored the computer for me. (I suck at using the computer) Hw saved my life though, my dad was going to kill me because the chinese took over the computer.
Ya, I'd suggest you don't goto chinese web sites if you can' read it. Alot of the time they get people from north amarica who rape the servers. Now alot of movie and game places just put some simple login instructions on the front gate and people who just do the "clicky clicky" thing without reading the Chinese get screwed.