Back to School....


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Well... this is it for me... I'm starting my Senior year of High School on Wednesday. My fourth and final year of Japanese class.

Even though I hate everyone, I'm still gonna miss 'em all. :lol:

What a great school life I've had....

Preschool: I learned to swear! :lol:

Kindergarten: What happened in Kindergarten? Hm... I'll get back to you on that.

1st Grade: I was the Ladies Man in first grade! All the chicks dug me! My first girlfriend (Melanie)!

2nd Grade: I move to Urbandale, having to switch schools. The first time I ever go to the principle's office, due to my always flirting with the girls.

3rd Grade: What happened in 3rd Grade? Hm... I'll get back to you.

4th Grade: Ah yes! The infamous "I go to the bathroom and cut my hair" incident! :lol: I meet my best friend that year.

5th Grade: The longest school year of my life, but also the greatest! I started writing fanfiction that year. Also happens to be when I first played Final Fantasy VII, and when games took over my life. My last school year with Mark as well. :(

6th Grade: I'm scared out of my mind, as I'm gonna be with all the students from the other four elementary schools as well. Mark moves one week before school starts. Turns out he was supposed to be in my class! I also meet Jenna that year. I also meet the first teacher I ever thought was hot: Mrs. Goudy :drool: I'm known as the "Sailor Moon Fanatic".

7th Grade: When my life started going to hell. I was constantly made fun of everyday. I'm known as the "Jenna Lover". I talk to Jenna a lot. We become friends.

8th Grade: The single worst year of my life. I'm made fun of even more, everyone avoids me, I'm deemed a complete, and total perv. All due to the "Jenna Story" I wrote over the summer. This is also when I started fapping at school from time to time...

9th Grade: My best year of High School. I'm much more accepted than before, I'm reunited with my upperclassmen friends from Middle School. I get the highest grade out of the entire Freshman class on a Science report, that has the whole semester riding on it, no matter who you are. I also have two other hotties for teachers: Ms. Born, and Ms. Elson. :drool:

10th Grade: I fail my first class. Two classes actually. I ask for a girl's phone number and get it! :cool: :smokin: I only call her once or twice though. I miss you Evy! My friend and I make the single greatest home movie ever for Born's class.

11th Grade: I completely blow everything off. I do hardly any school work, and no homework all year. I fail three more classes. I meet my beloved Nicole. :wub:

Who else is starting school either this week or next week?

I know Dud's starting school today....
im going to dog obedience school.... i still can't roll over properly and im always shaking with my left paw. Its kind of expensive, but the amount of bitches in there makes up for it... and its the 2nd round for those bitches to be in heat. OHHH, yeah.

I hope they use choke chains, it makes humping the teachers leg that much more kinkier.

[ADDITION] Agh! just was reading through the contract for the place... flea baths and shots are required. You humans dont know what this is like. That flea bath stings to high heaven, and you dont wanna know where they stick those needles. Ahhhhh man, and they seperate the classes by gender. GRRRRRRR. Guess im going tootsie roll again. RUFF, RUFF. But you know what, im still better then you smelly humans, i dont have to say excuse me for farting, everyone lets you sniff there butt and crotch, and i can lick my own balls... slurp slurp slurp... mmmmmm! tootsie roll.
as you said...there is really strange people here :)

btw, it still exists school who separate gender ?!!!!

a pure white christian private school or what ?
hrmmm, this subject got me thinking... well really cloud did... heres two pics of me during high school... you wanna talk about geek. WOW.


Ok, the scanner here at work really sucks, so this is kind of dark... and i dont have any edit tools except good ol' MS paint.

oh and thats my school in the background... its pink!


OMG... yep thats me, long hair and all... NO, that was not my boyfriend, he smells to funny, like frier grease and hair wax.
Originally posted by RolfWrenWalsh@Aug 23, 2004 @ 03:13 AM

.....I know Dud's starting school today....

I'm starting school in 3 hours... :rant I don't like school, and I don't like anyone in it. My school is like an ass-head convention. And the damn thing is seperated into two buildings that are like a half mile apart.
you are like me in high school... up till like 530... look at the clock and go ah shit got school in an hour... maybe i should nap for a half hour... fuck it, gotta beat sonic adventure, ill sleep through physics.
Fall classes start this week, Wednesday to be specific. What sucks is, Summer semester just ended last Monday. I got a week off between Summer and Fall semester. Thankfully I get about 6 weeks between Fall and Winter semester.
Originally posted by Kaneda@Aug 23, 2004 @ 10:00 AM

It's funny to read your complain about school :)

Personnaly, I miss school ....Job is a lot more painful than school :(

:blink: No ways, man. Yeah, they're both boring as hell, but my work is closer, gives me no homework, no stress, and I actually get paid. Works for me :) I'll probably take some more classes next year since that's part of my benefits package. But that won't really count since I won't be paying for them and won't stress out about performance.

And, for the record, I believe anyone that looks fondly upon high school either does so with rose-colored glasses or was one of the assholes that made everyone else miserable. :ph34r:
lordofduct, I appreciated your nice send-off this morning; that was very thoughtful. :D

As far as my day back, I don't even want to go into it too much. This paragraph would just be a bunch of ##############'s. I have no idea what gym class I signed up for, but we went in there and sat in a fucking circle and introduced ourselves. This school must be run by flower children, I'm so tired of this shit.
I remembered some more things! :)

In 4th Grade, I hit my infamous half court shot in gym class, with three or four defenders on me. That was back when basketball was my life, and it was all that mattered to me.

5th Grade, I wrote all those "Love Letters" to Cara. Turns out she still has them! :lol: She even gave me one of 'em back in 7th grade! Although I tore it up... :damn:
High School hasn't been that bad so far.

But I still got one more year...

Watch it be like Eighth Grade all over again....

:blink: :unsure: :(
I miss my old school sixth form(Dont know what the US equilivant of this is, but its for people staying on at a school between the ages of 16-18 to get grades for entry into a university). Although the work was hard, I liked the atmosphere of the place, and almost all the bastards I hated in previous years had left school and the ones who remained didnt take the same subjects as me so I never saw them.

I spent a lot of time in the computer rooms surfing the Internet back when it was still a novelty to me. Always leaving a bit of work in background to switch to if any teacher walked passed, as we were only supposed to use the PC for work.

Someone installed quake on all the computers in the computer room that teachers rarely entered, resulting in constant deathmatch play in free periods. The technician eventually found out and came to the room with everyone thinking their in trouble. Instead he asked everyone to use their real names because he wanted to know who he was shooting. :thumbs-up: