Backup/Modchip problems

why doesn't he just use Katakana then - it would actually make sense (something like 'yaydedu godo')
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umm I am right here you dont have to ask others why I dont use something...

It is my signature... I am not trying to be l33t... End of discussion and thanks to whoever deleted my post on m3d10n's comment, all I said was that this thread should be closed and that everytime someone asks for help the topic gets way off of subject, like this one... THis is not helping our friend who asked about "Backup/Modchip Problems"... Tell me how my signature started getting discussed in a topic such as this.
Yeah, Back to the problem,

First off All i didn't read a posting about using GOOD cd-r media, the saturn is a bit picky on the cd-r media you use, if i use some cheap brands my games got fucked up
if i burn the same game on verbatims or Emtec (Basf) or Maxell i don't have any problems, all work perfect then

Maybe he can try using some verbatims to test the game.

Also he can try if the backup he uses works in the new hacked girigiri emu
(or shouldn't i mention this emu here) :devil


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