Bad News...

Whenever products for Sega Consoles are concerned that is excatly the state of mind that we must take in order to prevent disappointment...I agree MasterAkumaMatata
This game was canned to!? Ok, this is some seriously messed up sh-t, that was ANOTHER game I was going to by that went down the drain :(. What the #### is up with sega, I mean, they can the good games in favor of the crap ones! As far as Iknow, their is now no new games to look forward to for the DC. So is their ANY good games that are supposed to come out now? If their is im giving them a 95% chance of not comming out. This is starting to bring back bad memories of the cancelation of Sonic X-treme :(
i saw a very recent article saying that Rez IS Confirmed for a Dreamcast Release...It was on gamespot

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I don't see how the ps2 could do that game justice. Supposingly the environments are huge, which the DC is good at doing, but the ps2 isn't. If it has been moved to the PS2, I probly wont end up buying it.
I'm still disappointed. It's not entirely Sega's fault, but call me what you will, I believed them. I believed they were smart enough to keep their loyal fans happy, and instead they were smart enough to make the good short-run business decision. Either way, it makes business sense; one just made more sense than the other. I believe Shenmue II would still be a much needed great x-Box title even if it came out on DC. (I'm still skeptical about Xbox's games; only one that has my interest is DOA3 and it looks phenomenal)

Let's face it, things have been lean for a long time. The least they could've done is throw us a bone. Sega, you fudge

ed up.