Baku Baku

Just played this for the first time, remember all the reviews from years gone and its well...nice. Not anything like tetris, which is really about being as fast as possible, and not like Dr robotnics mean bean machine. Its kind of, i duno, familair yet different.

Not a classic by anymeans but fun and linking up as many combos as possible is just superb.

anyone else enjoy this?

me and all my mates now love this game.. i foundi t somewhere had no idea what it was so i burnt it.. and its alot of FUN!

i think the massive combos are a bit shitty cause they can cause instant death for the guy your playing against and more than 4 types of items would be good in later stages of the game.

but over all like you said its not a classic , but it well worth playing if your a tetris fan and want something alittle different!
Did you ever compare Super Puzzle Fighter and Baku Baku ? They're EXACTLY the same game except Baku Baku has less features !

Super Puzzle Fighter // Baku Baku

Explosive gems // Animals

Normal gems // Food

Diamond // "B" items

But SPF features :

- Power gems (no "power food" in Baku Baku)

- Character Choice (and countergems differ)

- "count" countergems (avoid quick counterattack which is a major fail in Baku Baku IMHO)