Ban info

when you get banned, you are unable to post anymore.

also, you are ridiculed in public.

there's too few people banned so far, actually.
Quote: from Ringwraith on 7:18 pm on Mar. 21, 2002

Gotta' keep the gene pool clean,........................ ;)

Wait...............does this mean regular bathing is a requirment?

####........gotta call a plumber!

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Ban him for uncleanliness!

JK!!- Actually, it means you have to put your sega on the edge of the tub as you play and yank hard on the controller,...............................*ZZZZZZZZZZT* ;)
Quote: from chakan on 12:58 pm on Mar. 21, 2002

You burn in Hades and get no Sega love.


Ppl don´t burn in Hades. They first need to suffer eternal damnation in the Tartaros. Don´t forget that.
Quote: from Draconar on 8:39 am on Mar. 22, 2002

Ppl don´t burn in Hades. They first need to suffer eternal damnation in the Tartaros. Don´t forget that.
How does someone first suffer eternal damnation?
There´s a hidden option to be free of the TARTAROS, and be able to suffer more eternal damnation later

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OK, guys. I`m not newbie on forums, but on a Spanish forum if you break the rules the other people can do "bad things" to you and if you break a GREAT one, the Admin kicks your ass out of the forum FOREVER (when possible)

Hey mal, have you ever read about Cantor`s Theory og the Transfinites Numbers? On here you will understand how does someone suffer FIRST eternal damnation and THEN eternal burning... XDDDD

Hey, how can I say CuteFTP for doing no hammering? Setting up retry time up to 1 minute or how?

You can't urn in hades! Hades is a keone greek word refering to the commom grave. Sheaol is the hebrew equivelent. Now gehenna is a diferent matter. It is taken from the "valley of hennom", which ran along the south wall of old jerusalem. It was kept burning 24/7 with sulphur. It's where the old isrealites threw their garbage and consequently, where the bodies of criminals and other who deserved no descent burial ( in the eyes of the isrealites). It's where the teaching of bad people going to #### to burn was taken in the judo-christian teaching that in the 4th century, Constatine started catholasism from.

This moment in the history channel is brought to you by Smart-ass! The cream that changes you from a dumb-ass!