BASIC for saturn


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okay, first off, what is this program.

next, about that BASIC for saturn, are there any english docs on how to compile it for the saturn and how to actually do stuff? it might be fun to mess around with ya know ;)
It looks like some kind of program uploader... I have no idea beyond that though.

As for the BASIC, it's called Game Basic and I think it was a commercial product. I don't know anything more than that.
That's the uploader/editor for Saturn Basic games. The file we see are not the result sent to the saturn. They are provably turned into some kind of bytecode(like a assembly for a pseudo BASIC processor the CD that is placed on the Saturn emulates). It allows for all kind of stuff, like just uploading the changes between edits, saving upload time.

I just found out about this thing, so don't ask for mutch help. I don't have any idea where to get it. And if you think it's hard to code with the SGL and tons of english documentation, wait until you try a non-standart BASIC with japanese documentation and sample code that is well, BASIC, ie. one file, imposssible to follow, all with japanese coments. That should be a trill.
I've seen this kit for sale on the net. Expensive ie. $200. It comes with two cd's an instruction manual and a cable that uploaded your files from your pc to the Saturn. As far as translating the might find it online and use alta vistas babelfish to translate it to english. I personally would love to get my hand on the cable and its controller/driver. Cable shown here,

This link is to a project the Japanese game basic club ran to create a controller with game basic for a robot. Freaky(!!) but interesting. The site includes some pin outs and schematics for at least one of the entries.