Basic stupid questions


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I am curious about playing imported Japenese games on consoles. A store by my house sells them. I just have a few questions.

Correct me if I am wrong:

On DC there is a boot disk you can buy that allows for imports.

On Saturn I can use my Game Shark to play imports.

However, I am unclear on Genesis/CD/32X and Master System. I thought I read in a different thread that Game Genie allows for playing imports as long as you have the correct codes enter.
i don't think that will work. At least as far as i know since arakon is going around selling those multi-bios so if a game-genie could be used, people would just go for that instead.
For sega cd games, you need a multi-bios type thing, for genesis it can vary between games (genesis/snes days were when compines first began putting territory lockouts in games)
So I need a multi bios for genesis, SCD, and 32X? Where should I look for one of these? Also, Is it possible to play import Master system games? I am real new to the import world.
No, you just need a multibios for playing sega cd games, to play genesis or 32x import games I beleive that the genesis will play megadrive games but i'm not sure how many of which have actualyl been locked out.
Oh, also if you wanted to play import games on your sega cd, you can also just rip the game to your pc, then change the country code on it using scd conv. and re-rip it to play on the sega cd, because the sega cd doesnt have any sort of cd copy protection.
Yeah, it's pretty much cartridge size for Genesis/Megadrive..I owned a megadrive game that had been literaly cut down to fit into a's just the plasitc csing (as far as I know..)