Beat Snatcher, now what?

Well, 3 days of snatcher and it's over. I think it took 5 hours on the game clock. That's really really short! Is there anything else in the game I might have missed that makes it worth playing through again? Excellent game, I was really interested in the story, but just a little too short.
There are some tricks... you can call bitches with your videophone... and other people. You only need the correct numbers... I think I have them in an old magazine...
It's sad really, Gillian gets rejected by every woman in the game, including his wife. But in an homage to good ol Liesure Suit Larry, he manages to bumble into a kiss from a stripper and a peep show of Katrina's nips. That must have been one thin towel.

A much better detective than a ladies man. Although I don't know how far he would have got without Metal to tell him what the hell he was doing.
Well try finding the fortune teller, twice I think.

Eat neo Kobe Pizza.

get some noodles.

Try checking out different reactions of the Chief by eating a lot, not eating, getting slightly drunk at Outer heaven.

Try getting perfect scores fropm the beginning at the shooting range, and read Metal comments.

Shoot Jaimie.

Read the profiles of the developers, write down the names from the intro and type them at Gaudi/Jordan

Try harrasing Katrina A LOT.

Check out what happens if you get shot in the first shooting scene and then go to the bathroom at your apartment later in the game, use the toilet.

Could think of more, If I do will post later.
the thing that i love about this game is that metal gear and gilial allways know that they are in a game, there are alot of funny parts that i didn't expect from this game
I do have played Policenauts a bit, but I better wait and help translate it. Althougth there is a nice walkthrough now out there, I would prefer enjoying it fully. I was succesful dumping some text of the PSX version, but no luck with the Saturn one.... not one bit.


Yopu could also have fun at the shooting range, hitting civilians only, nothing at all, using autofire, not drawing the gun... etc.
im not saying anything bad about this game... because this game is one of the best of all time... BUT... there is no sequal and the end of the game SOOO suggested that there would be one like everyone was saying that they would be waiting for him to get back and how he was going to go see if he could get his memory back and stuff... i wanted to find out if he had a 4some with them 3 hotties or not... it would be like after watching the first 2 starwars (a new hope and empire strikes back) and then george lucas just decided to not make the 3rd one (return of the jedi)...... i FREAKING HATE movies with open endings or whatever its called weathere they were planning on a sequal or not it sends me into a blind rage and i start breaking stuff!!!! and the only game related to this one is that policenauts game which is a freggin PRequil not a sequil or so i've heard and its in JAPANISE only... whats the situation on that anyways anyone know if they coming out with a translated version of it for an emulator? but anyways i hope the creator of this game dies and rots in hell for his possable sequal open ending as well as any other game/movie/whatever else that does dumb crap like this~!!~!~!!!!!
but uhhhh yeah AWSOME game could have used more shooting sequences (im pro at them) the trick is to focus on the center square the whole time and then just use your perifrial vision to be aware of the squares around the center once u in da zone like me then u da man...... btw im a D- average student in english so i donno how to right or spel guud
policenauts is very sweet great game and the voices are some of the best, also in metal gear solid when there is a kinami logo you can here the music from the opening of policenauts
You could also try dying when you first encounter the insectors. Then continue your game and get up to the part with the Chief. He'll have something unexpected to say.
Oh yeah! Don't forget you can do this: Wrap the game in bubble wrap, package it, address it to me, and send it off via overnight express mail! Wouldn't that be fun!? :
Nothing as big as I made it sound, simply unexpected. He'll know you died and mention it and tell you to practice some more so it doesn't happen again.
there is something i didn't know but there are some other digital comics games on the sega cd they might be not as good as snacher but they are worth a try, games like space adventure cobra and rise of the dragon(i don't know how about you guys but rise of the dragon doesn't work on gens for me am i doing something wrong or is the emulator not suporting the game yet) i'm sure that there are atleast one or two more, remeber i'm not saying that these games are better than snacher and i'm not saying they are good but it can't hurt to try them
i was able to play it on gens, and i had it for the sega cd it is a good game. I also recomend willy beamish it's not a scifi type of game but it's a good adventure game(point and click, comic type game).
There's also The Secret of Monkey Island game for Sega CD, plays sorta like Willy Beamish.

As for The Space Adventure: Cobra-The Legendary Bandit, this is similar to Snatcher, except it was much more boring. It has good parts but their is not much interaction. Snatcher had shooting parts, some areas that you had to guess answers to puzzle questions, and input phone numbers. Doesn't seem like much but take that stuff away and all you get is a book.

Remember how frustrating it was to keep repeating certain comands so something new would happen and further the plot in Snatcher? Now picture that in Cobra, without the extra interactive stuff. The only part where you get to actually interact, sorta, is a puzzle toward the end of the game. You have to put some different colored crystals in the correct order so you could proceed.

I didn't mention the battles because you don't control anything there either. Its a roll of the dice. Pick a command and Cobra does it, and then its a roll of the dice if the enemy gets hit by it or avoids it, and possibly counterattack. You just sit back and watch what happens when you pick an command option or Punch, Kick, Psychogun, or Flee. But I do have to give thumbs up on Crystal Boy. There was an interesting villian. And it felt good to finally off him, using an unorthodox attack.
ya monkey island is good just a little weird. "use rubber chicken with pully on" "use grog o mint on" i mean some of the puzzles are messed up. but it was a great game i forget how i owned it not sure if i borrowed a friends till i beat it or if i stole it off of a local rental place eh what ever it's the past.