the animation isn't the best or anything, but it's decent, and the series appeaeled to me anyways. i really enjoyed it until i hit the last couple of episodes, when the storyline changes completely, and the whole concept of the series changes. i mean, i realize that they sort of hint at it a bit during the series, but did this strike anybody else as a bit too much of a reversal?

i suppose my comment would extend to the manga as well, but i've never read it, so i'm not entirely sure how closely the anime followed it. so there's my second question: anybody know if it was a fairly faithful representation, or if the anime took many liberties with it?
The ending was ok, but I agree on it being a big reversal.

As for staying true, I haven't read the manga, but they cut out a few characters (Skull Knight for one) that would make a second season difficult.
Yes, I highly agree the ending leaves you with such a horrible emptiness feeling it's highly depressing. I hate how the last five or so episodes just go down the toilet and everything just starts going crazy... You have this fairly normal storyline then you get this awesome twist. I still love it, but the manga is a lot better