Best Sega cd soundtracks

for me its gotta be the terminator, not only is it an amazing game compared to the genesis one which is also great the soundtrack is one of the best i have ever heard the guitar work is really good with the flanger and digital delay effects etc, sounds kinda 80'sh hair metal stuff but great though, i also thought heart of the alien had a great soundtrack too very ambient and atmospheric, just imagine if they made desert strike on the sega cd the intro tune
My vote would be for the Japanese/European version of Sonic CD.

Although there's nothing exactly wrong with the USA Sonic CD's music, it just can't compete.
of the games i actually own (not going to judge on mp3's), i'd say eternal champions first, and would also include earthworm jim: special edition.
Anything Tommy Tallarico was good. But my vote would have to go to the Sega Classics disc. Nothing, NOTHING beats Yuzo. Revenge Of Shinobi was classic work. Streets of Rage was great too..... I think I'm gonna go play Actraiser now...
Ecco CD has absolutely fantastic music, especially on the final boss, it's brought tears to my eyes before.

Sonic CD Japan/Europe, Brilliant!

Lords of Thunder, possibly the best SHMUP soundtrack ever?
the thing about the sndtrk to the cd version of ecco is that the geensis version also has a killer sndtrk. i can't figure out which one i like more. i really like the sound synthesis of the genesis. the first road rash has some of my favorite music ever. something about that crunchy electronic tone it has
My opinion would definately have to be Silpheed. It's awesome with the Mixing Cable giving you Surround sound and blasting it. Brings back some great memories.
Ecco 2: The Tides of Time !!

this is one of those games you could put in the cd player before you go to sleep and just sit back and relax..
All Core Design soundtracks (Martin Iveson,Nathan Mccree), Batman Returns+Ecco+SonicCD us. (Spencer Nielsen) and the most japanese games (SonicCD,Bari Arm,ShiningForce,Wolfteam games etc.)
I've always been partial to the music in Jurrasic Park, the Sonic CD music (USA and JAP) and the Road Avenger Music (a bad FMV game, that for some strange reason is FUN!).