Best way to use import games

I'm in the market to buy a dreamcast, principly to play japanese games (Ikaruga, Giga Wing 2, Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh) within a PAL environment, however I would if possible like to be open to playing US and European releases also.

So, my question is "is this possible realistically", or is it just a pain in the ass. I see a few solutions, please fill me in if I'm missing a few:

Buy a Japanese system (hard to find and perhaps expensive), f**k the use of US/Euro games alltogether. may even have some NTSC-PAL problems but in all likelyhood will play the games I want perfectly.

Buy a US system, have access to the US releases only. Buy a Euro system, have access to the Euro releases only.

With the US or Euro consoles I guess one of these may be of use: DC-IE Import Enabler or mod-chip but would they realistically be as compatible/painless as simply getting a Japanese DC? would these perhaps also work on a Japanese DC to provide access to US/Euro games?

Utopia Boot Disc is your friend.

Google it.

BTW, I know Gigawing 2 is availible in the US -- not sure about PAL
Yeah, I prefer Gigawing 1 as well. The gameplay just feels tighter. Gigawing 2 does have that cool 4-plane mode though.
there are dreamcast modchips. they're fairly cheap. from what i hear instalation's a bitch.

ot. screw gigawing. mars matrix and ikaruga, oh yeah, border down came out a few days ago too