Betas, etc...

Hey guys, maybe i'm dumb, but what are these "Betas" some ppl are talking about? games like "Time cop" and "Citizen X" or something... what are these? Are they fully properly working games? Are they NEW Sega CD games? Are they crap-arse cheap0 l4m0 games that some d00d wrote?

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There is a Sonic CD beta out there. Seems fairly legit. If you know of the Sonic Stuff Research Group (SSRG), you can get it there. But I am not gonna give a link, because I am new to these forums and don't know how that would be handled...
yes, i know they're out there, but what are they exactly??? Are they full games? are they crappy games others made? what are they?~?~?btw, *thanx*...u no wat i meen lol
Betas are games or programs that isn't finished.

For example in sonic cd beta you can't play all zones (if you do the cheat you can play but without monsters) and can't play special stage. It has more differences but they are less important like clouds in presentation.

Sometimes there is a beta but no a final game.

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No entiendo discurso castellano, sino que puedo entender lo que usted está diciendo algo con un programa de la traducción
So do u guys think that it is worth my CDR's to download them and play on SCD???

Oh, and do i need anything special to play these?

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depends, if you fancy playing games which are unfinished (still playable, just with some unfinished bits)

a cdr isnt expensive anyway, so theres not really any reason not to

also you dont need anything extra to play them over your normal mega cd setup
I think that the program of translation do you use isn't so good, porbably my english is better than this spanish.

You can burn it into cd if you played to de US version on segacd and you want to play with the jap or euro songs (people says that are better, i dont know), or if you have played a lot to a non-beta version and want to se the diferences (they are less important and you can miss it)