binchunker prob

well I use binchunker to rip my bin file to iso but it keeps freezing at 100%, is there a fix to this or maybe another program that does the same?
About the binchunker problem, I also got that strange freezing, I think you must do a SELECT ALL, and then CONVERT, as far as I remember that "error" occurred when tracks were selected individually..

About converting mp3->wav, I personally recommend you to download the MP3 TO WAVE app available on the miscellaneous section... it's pretty easy with this program.
oops what I meant was a program to rip the audios out of the bin files
It's incredible how people just come here and post every little prob they have... This foruns should be used like a "last resort"..

What I mean is that people should try for themselfs before posting (usually repetitive posts) on these forums..
Yeah. Not too long ago, one of them went on and on about how he had this problem and that problem and could we please and how can he fix it and what's the problem.... he then followed up on his own post 3 hours later and was like "nm, I figured it out."