some one in the boob forum posted a tutorial on how to make your psx games boot in bleem games other then gt2 i could only get dragon ball gt to work so far
Thanx. Sounds like a lot of trouble. I might give it a shot. I need to go buy some of them #### bleemcast thingies anyway. Does anyone know of a USA retailer [not an online seller] that sells the Tekken 3 disc? The GT2 one is around, but I've yet to see T3.
Mortal Threat? Ok, watch out mortals. ;)

The EBs around here are bleemless. At least that's what a guy I know who just checked 'em out said. I should probably scope 'em fo' my-own-bad-self.
Yup, No one actually likes Dreamcast in my town lol, most people dig those crappy acclaim titles (my friend thinks that PSX Spec ops game is god) Though my Ex loved games.........
Hey stolfi1, did u really get it to work? Everybody is saying that Randy from Bleem! told them that it works differently than what that zues master said. If you did get it to work could ya post your steps and procedure. That zuesmaster guy can't type a proper sentence....
Boob's forum is down so would you mind listing the steps? Also has anyone tried this on Xenogears? That would be awesome if that game worked on any of the bleem packs.
Hey everybody. I recently purchased the bleempack for metal gear solid, but for whatever reason, it doesn't work. I have read in some newsgroups that Sega made some changes to the newest DC consoles that prevent any bootdiscs from operating (plugging the "boot-hole" as one person put it), which could explain my problem, since I figure the bleem disc must act as a boot disc in some fashion to allow psx games to run.

My console has a manufacture date of December 2000, so I'm not sure if it has a plugged... ehhh... hole or not. Any light someone could shed on this would be appreciated.
pheadbaq: I've never encountered such a "fixed" DC, but I've read that they work just fine, as long as the first session on the disc is data rather than audio. Apparently this is not the case with Bleemcast.

Somehow get a hold of some other CD thing (gameshark, codebreaker, even the boot disc) and try running it. If it works, then your bleem! is messed. If it doesn't, it may be your DC.
Actually there are dc's now that are protected from the mil cd thing. And the only bleempack that is vulnerable to play other games is Gran Turismo 2, Randy from bleem said somebody figured it out but of course Rand won't spill the beans on how to do it.
Well, I've actually ordered a gameshark cdx, but now I'm wondering if it will work. So far I've tried the bleempack and utopia with no success. Bleem brings up the "Play/insert game disc" messages, and Utopia automatically brings up the music cd player, so I'm guessing I have a constipated Dreamcast after all.

Unless I've missed something here, there more than likely won't be any boot disc that will work, so I guess I'm looking at a mod chip as my last resort. Of course I guess I may have burned the wrong type of session on the utopia disk. Who knows, I'll wait for the cdx before I decide what I have to do.

Anyone else out there in the same situation as me?
Pheadbag, did u try to use the utopia boot cd to try and boot other psx games, that sure as #### won't work. I have been taught how to boot other games, I will post back with my results at a later time.