Bomberman BASH

This saturday we will "try" to hold a 4 player Bman BASH! We can supply the rom for you, it will be on the server. The time is up to you! HOWEVER rem this! We arent all in the USA! Just know this, Germany is 6 hours ahead of EST, USA. So talk about the times please!
what emulator do you need and is it easy to set up to play online with? if so i might play i once had bomberman for the gen

edit from author

i just realized it's gens for the emulator.
Sounds great!

The time will be USA?

I will play from Brazil
I'll be there.

list the times for diff timezones, that'll make it much clearer for everyone. an which rom exactly is it?
Bah Friday's no good for me...I'm going to a friend's house to play me some death tank
Looks like you lucked out Mysti
tongue.gif hosts a copy of gens (and more or less every other emulator ever coded)

the hard part is finding the bios files for it

i don't think needs a genesis bios to run gen games though, just sega cd
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I hope I dont break any rules by posting these links.

You probably have, but this is Mysticales' baby so I doubt there will be a problem.