Bomberman BASH

shit.. i missed it.. i was asleep in bed

sorry guys.. would have enjoyed teaching you all a few tricks LOL
sorry snake about dropping from our game. All the power in my neighborhood went out because there was a big fire like 2 blocks away.
none of you missed out on much(at least when i was there but as they say the best stuff always happens when you leave(or is that just what my friends say damn it i should get new friends))
yeah it wasnt that great there should have been more people and a better server because that one had people playing street fighter and to many people were flooding the room
Yeah snake is right, but it was still mighty fun. I'll play again with someone if they want since i'm so sick of crapping all over the computer
I got half a game of bomberman which was 1 win each until everyone ele got bored of it and decided to try other games which turned into a nightmare for me as I couldnt get anything to work so I gave up