Bootlegging candy


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Thought this was interesting

I saw this post on one of my "other" favorite boards and somebody was requesting (wanting to buy) carmel and almond M&Ms. They live in England and they don't have them.

Also turns out the carmel ones are only availible in certain parts of the country (aparently were there is heavy hispanic population like here in CA).

Anyway, I'm working out a deal to "bootleg" some carmel M&Ms to Kansas.

Anybody else want some while I'm shopping?
It's probably just the usual regional thing. Maybe Ice you remember that Pepsi Kona thing - apparently that was limited to the eastern seaboard.

But Caramel M&Ms... sounds disgusting.
Kona Pepsi was the fusion of Coffee and Pepsi. It died very prematurely, maybe 6 months into the run. It just didn't go over w/ the populace, I guess. I loved it though, and have managed to make it w/ regular coffee and pepsi (although it's pretty hard to get the temperatures right).
Caramel, almond and peanut butter M&Ms?

We don't have any of those in Australia.
Speaking of Pepsi... what's everyone think of this Pepsi Blue stuff? I think it's some of the nastiest stuff I've ever tasted. Looks so damn good, but I almost barfed when I drank it. Seriously, I'm not kidding. It's vile stuff.

Never did see Pepsi Kona though.
It's still kinda hard to find the carmel M&Ms.

I first got them in a vending machine.

I wasn't real keen on them, but my wife enjoyed them.

I've heard they are good frozen ( ??? )

I couldn't stand the Pepsi Blue. I was kinda excited about it when I first heard about it, but it's too strong.

Vanilla Coke is better, but I have to be in the mood.
Boy, I heartily agree on that Pepsi Blue stuff. My wife brought home a small bottle of it for me to try. I took one sip and thought I was gonna revisit my lunch, it was that yucky. Put the lid back on the bottle and threw it in the back of the fridge. That was months ago, and it's still in there. Hmm, better get rid of it. Maybe it'll make a good toilet cleaner (seeing as that it's blue and all).
I don't much care for Vanilla Coke either. It just seems like it could have been better for all the hype they gave it. I can barely taste the vanilla at all.

Hmm, better get rid of it. Maybe it'll make a good toilet cleaner (seeing as that it's blue and all)

Try it and see what happens. After all, Coke removes oil stains from a garage floor
I didn't care for Pepsi Blue (is it a raspberry flavour??) but I dig vanilla Coke, but only in small doses. Or if I cut it with something. Like a good Rye Whiskey. Don't mind if I do. :
what happened to the twinkie/meat chips deal? I think i might deal some twinkies for some of those meat things someone posted.