bought a CDX last night

well, didn't buy, traded for. gave my gba system for it (a good trade considering the prices for them around here). Anything special I should know about this system? I've been playing lunar a bit but I haven't really searched for info on it. All I know right now is that the 32x dosen't work well with it.
..this is from a Sega CD FAQ (think I pulled it from Gamefaqs or somewhere similar).

SEGA CDX (1994)

The Sega CDX is similar to the X'Eye in that it plays standard Genesis carts as well as most Sega CDs. Its advantage is the size -- about the size of a portable CD player. The unit was portable (Sega even made a carrying case for it), but still required a television or monitor to play. SRP of the CDX was $399. There were three CDs included as pack-ins:

Sega Classics V (Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Golden Axe, Columns, Super Monaco GP)

Sonic CD

Ecco the Dolphin CD

The CDX also served as a standalone battery-operated CD player. Front-mounted audio control buttons can fully operate the CD player, so that a TV hookup is not necessary.

There were a couple design problems that make the CDX incompatible with some Genesis/Sega CD hardware. The controller ports are not positioned the same way as they are on a Sega Genesis, so items requiring the use of both ports simultaneously (e.g. Four-Way Play) will not work on the CDX without the use of two controller extension cords. One other common complaint is that the various I/O cords (controllers, headphones, A/V) input to three different sides of the device, thereby increasing its footprint. It's not uncommon for the cables to get tangled this way.

There are a few Sega-CD titles that are not compatible with the CDX:

Jurassic Park (reportedly works, but takes a very long time to load)

Radical Rex


Who Shot Johnny Rock?
thx for the info. definately worth not being able to play 4 games to not have to deal with a huge unit that has a million cords
A good adition to 32x is the Sonic game they made for it where your partner is attached to you by a ring .. forgot the name, great one