Brand New Sega Saturn Website

Here is a link for a brand new Saturn website...

Man-Jimaru's Web

it is French but just under the menu on the left you can translate the pages in English.

Some isos are proposed on the forum (the isos section will be opened within a month).

C U.

That's a pretty good looking site you have there. A word of advise though - if you are going to offer an English version, you'd be best doing it properly rather than relying on Babelfish. Babelfish results are usually...comical to say the least
Thanx very much for the piece of advice.

In fact, I want to improve the website before translating it as it is a hard work !!! ;-) Or I will try to find another translator which could offer better translations ;-)
I applaud all new sega web sites. Keep up the good work. Also, if you need help in translation, just ask here.. I'm sure you may find a few who will gladly help.
just be careful most canadians don't know paris french they know quebec french(old skool french) since its the style thats taught.
Ok I'll try to do my best (I lived a year in Scotland... I am quite fluent in English)... as far as canadians are concerned, I knew that but I don't know old school frenc *lol* sorry.

If someone wants to help translating my website... either in English or German (I don't know German very well) or even in Quebec French
I would be very glad...

thanx a lot