Broadband Solutions

I'd avoid satellite if you have other options. The upload is typically a bit weak, download is OK though. But that isn't really a big deal. Monthly caps can be. But for me, the biggest issue would be latency. My brother used to have satellite, and it rendered online games unplayable, it was so bad. I'd rather get decent dialup for that.

But, you could be ok. I guess it depends... if you can't get anything else, then why not.
I don't really play online games, so that's not an issue. It's looking more and more like the only option is satellite. So that gets back to the, is there any way to join 2 or more internet connections togethor? I was thinking of maybe running them both into 1 pc... then using winproxy to send out to the other pc's on the network. Is there a way to make 2k draw off 2 connections to the internet equally?
I'm pretty sure that XP allows you to bond 2 56k modems into one connection. Not sure about other kinds of modems. I could have just imagined the whole thing in a dream... :asleep
I remember dual modems a while ago before broadband was a consumer thing. Dual 56k was blazing fast! :D Actually I would enjoy that speed at home :( But it's not worth an additional phone line