broken mega cd


I have a broken mega cd and I want to rapair it but I don't know how begin.

When I connect it to my mega drive and turn the power on, nothing happens. No light, no movement, nothing.

I think it may be the internal power suply or something similar.

some ideas?

Try cleaning the contacts beetween the Mega Drive and the Mega CD (the point where it joins). If its not that, then the fuse inside the Mega CD is blown. Go here to learn about fixing it. If you don't have the skills to fix it, take your CD unit to an electroncis repair shop - they should have no problems following these instructions.
I burnt my MegaCD using wrong powersupply, I had to unsolder the voltage regulator inside and replace it with a new one, now everything works fine.

hope this helps.
thanks for the link. i got a segacd and never played it yet, now i can fix it