Bug Game for Saturn

I have this rar file downloaded. When I try to burn the bin/cue file in cdrwin I get an error in line 211. So I tried fireburner instead. About all the way through it tries to burn track 69 which is way too large to fit onto a 700mb cdr. I used isobuster to break out the bin file into the iso image. I used fireburner to break out the audio into wav files. Getting ready to burn but that track 69 is way to large. It sits at around 770 mb. Can anyone help me figure this one out. Thanks.
thats odd

since my original of bug is only 236mb in total

iu think youve got a bad rip personally, but ill post the cuesheet to the bin/cue rip ive just done for you


if it still doesnt work, your probabbly going to need to get it again, ill put it on my fserv for you to grab

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i think i got the same copy from mega, but i burned it and it worked fine for me, but i did notice that track 69 was insanely large when i tried to rip down the bin/cue to isomp3, so i trashed it. but the burn i did from the image works fine.