Bulletproof ftpd problem


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Start off with some basics:

OS: WinXP corp

CPU: 1.1ghz thunderbird

RAM: 512 megabytes

I've been running Bulletproof FTPD (formerly g6) for a while now, and the past few reboots it crashes giving me a kernel32 error. I've totally reinstalled it and everything with the exact same results, any idea's on getting it to work, aside from reinstalling windows?
That's a tough one. Perhaps insight from the following excerpt can help you on the right path.

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Common Windows Error Messages
,May 9 2002, 3:15 AM GMT]The following conditions can cause Kernel32.dll error messages:

  • Damaged swap file
  • File allocation damage
  • Damaged password list
  • Damaged or incorrect version of the Kernel32.dll file
  • Damaged registry
  • Hardware, hot CPU, over clocking, broken power supply, RF noise, ground bounce, or bad hard disk controller
  • BIOS settings for Wait states, RAM timing, or other BIOS settings
  • Third-party software that is damaged or incorrectly installed
  • .dll files that are saved to the desktop
  • Non-existent or broken Temp folder
  • A control panel (.cpl) file is damaged
  • Incorrect or damaged hardware driver
  • Incorrectly installed printer drivers or HP Jetadmin drivers
  • Damaged Java Machine
  • Damaged .log files
  • Damaged entries in the History folder
  • Incompatible or damaged dynamic link library files
  • Viruses
  • Damaged or incorrect Msinfo32.exe file
  • Low disk space
  • Other problems that depend on the Kernel file
ground bounce

Great job, MS - just blame something that 99% of PC hardware people don't have the equipment to detect and that probably requires a motherboard replacement to fix...