burn 2048 iso w/out a cue?

Boy, nothing like a bad dump to ruin your day

i've dl a couple of iso's from the codeman's ftp that turn out to be dumped in 2048 format. Now, if it were a saturn game, this wouldn't be a problem. I'd simply change the .bin extension to iso, drop it into dj or ez cd pro and away with it. This doesn't work with 3do images. Any ideas?

Most 3do cues look this:


TRACK 01 MODE1/2352

INDEX 01 00:00:00

I used sega cuemaker for the sam showdown iso, like thus:


TRACK 01 MODE1/2048

INDEX 01 00:00:00

the game loads and the 1st match plays correctly. After winning/losing, you get a cut-scene before given the option of restarting or moving onto the next round. Its the next round that's the prob. The game either freezes, or, it will load after about 2 minutes of freezing, but the audio will be off and your characters disapper. I'm thinking the image needs a cue with specific index times for the audio.

any ideas?

any luck in playing 2048 format iso's that came w/out cues?

thanx in advance