burned out segacd...

I just got a segacd unit off of ebay and the thing doesnt work!

behaves as if it wasnt attached at all--- i plug a cartridge in and it plays it, i pull it out and there's absolutely nothing on the screen, cd doesnt spin, -- nothing..

a friend of mine said that someone here could point me to the right place to fix it ... i took it apart and i noticed a black diode close to the power connector.. I havnt tested it yet since i have no meter right now...

as a side note --- I also bought a 32x and it didnt come with the cable to connect between the genesis... could one be rigged up? I do have connectors that fit both ends...
why don't you contact the guy you bought it from? there are laws against selling faulty merchandise.

Pherhaps the AC Adaptor is bad. try a Universal, but match the Voltage, so it's the same, or close to it.

if that doesn't help, try cleaning the contact points, between the Gen and CD sections

Black Diode? a diode basically transforms AC current into Pulsating Direct Current. a few other things are then put in the circuit to get true DC, or close to it.

unfortunately, I haven't looked at a diode in a year or so, so I can't remember if it's supposed to be black or what.
i've looked at all the connectors and i know the AC adapter works...that diode is supposed to be black -- it's a very common type... I dont see any obviously burned out components

another bit of info that i've found out about this unit leads me to believe it's fubar -- but then again i have little experience with segacd units....

--- when i try to pop in a genesis game cartridge with the segacd and 32x plugged in simultaneously... the game looks corrupt... unplug any of the two and it works fine..

and about the laws --- i was warned that the segacd unit was 'untested'

that was my own fault for getting it... i just couldnt resist $20 for a segacd when i knew of no shops in my area that sold 'em... --- i do now... it's a damn bummer... i just wanna try and get this one working before i crater and buy one from the shop i recently discovered in my area ...
Er, just so you know - If you don't have the cable hooking up the 32X's AV in to the Genesis AV out, then the game will look a bit messed up... with the exception of Chaotix, which has everything except the background (go figure).
If you have the connectors for the genesis/32x(and they need to be the full 10 pins), then you can just do a straight one-to-one cable - each pin connects directly to its corresponding pin at the other end.

There is a possibility that the internal fuse is blown in the SCD. This seems to be a fairly common problem with the Model 2's. This guy tells you how to locate and fix the little bugger.