Burned Sega CD games

If they have been converted using SCDconv then the chances are good.

American to European seem to be quite sucessful.

Japanese to European is less than spectacular :(
you will also most likely have desync problems, unless you add a 50/60 hz switch to your megadrive.
Or you can buy a Datel CDX for Megacd to overcome the Country protection if you can find one. ( look for it on Ebay)

Although not all games will work with it, but most of them will
And what Country may that be ? :) I also live in a PAL-country (Belgium), and that SCDConv will work with most of the games, and I never had any trouble with 50/60Hz desync.

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The Mega CD 1 works with an older Bios than Mega CD 2

I have heard, that the Datel CDX has an better support of games for the Mega CD 1, maybe a full support. Is this true?