burning cue files

when saturn games come in as bin files, do u still have to make a cue file for it or can u use nero then choose data mode 2 then burn?
BIN files need a cue sheet to work. No exceptions.

EDIT: Actually, there is an exception - if the bin file contains nothing but data (just like an ISO), you could probably use this method.
AFAIK, there are no Saturn games that contain just one MODE2 data track. To determine wheter the BIN file contains just onde MODE 1 data track, the name of the game would really be helpful.
MasterAkumaMatata, I think that Weapon is refering to burning a bin file as a mode two data track, rather than trying to burn a dual mode disc.

Bin/cue images, raw images, mode 1 and mode 2 tracks can all have the suffix of 'bin'.

But you probably knew that...