Burning help

yesterday I tryed burning Mortal kombat trilogy but unfortunatley the copyed cd didn't work

i've visited the Miscellaneous section of the site and used one of the burning guides for EZ cd pro 95.

and when eva I use the swap method it gos to the bios screen and says "game disc unsuitable for system.

I got the game off an FTP and changed the region code to aisa pal area.

I've also used clone cd to make copys of friends saturn games and they work fine with the swap method.

Any help would be great
It sounds like you have converted the iso to the wrong region.

Why did you change it to Aisa PAL area? Which country do you live in?
Yeah that thought had crossed my mind I live in

New Zealand if u know where that is.

how do i go about checking the region code on my orignal saturn games ?
New Zealand. That makes sense.

I'm from over the Tasman. The West Island isn't it?

I believe what you want to do is to set the country code to European. That's certainly what we have over here.

To check the region code of your originals, you can either make disc images of them (bin/cue using CDRWin) and read the country code using Satconv or you could use the Sector Viewer (also in CDRWin) and read directly from the CD.

I can't remember the steps for reading from the CD off the top of my head. I'll go through it when I get home from work if you like.
Xiphias_2000 (or should I call you Xiphias?) the 'E' option is certainly PAL.

Australia, New Zealand and South Africa (I think) get bundled in with Europe as far as the Saturn is concerned.