Burning ISO/MP3 files

Ok, sorry if this is annoying to you people, but I need a way to convert ISO/MP3 into a single BIN file, or parhaps a BIN/CUE with wave. Is that possible (to just conver the ISO into a BIN and the MP3s into WAVs and make a cuesheet), or do I have to do something oddly complicated? : ??


You can just write up a Cue sheet with the ISO file being the data track and the MP3 files for being the audio tracks. Then burn with CDRWin.
Cool, that helps alittle. But, CDRWin refuses to work on my pc -_- I have to load an image with Daemon tools, and then do a 1:1 copy with the gay HP copy program that came with my burner :

Any help with that? :p
fron what i hear you can use easy cd pro which you can download from this site. i havent tried it yet since i dont have a mod chip to test the burns. also there should be tutorials in teh misc. section.