Burning Rangers


Mid Boss
Is it just me or is this game ridiculously annoying? The game looks freaking amazing, but the controls are just lousy.

The question is, is there anywhere one can find maps or something for this game? The navigation system is almost always wrong, and I keep getting lost in the dark.
Thats odd seeing ash ow the voice navigation system is suppost to be the games highlight. I enjoyed the novelty. As for it being dark...turn up the brightness.
"Go Straight!" -But it's a wall. "Give me a minute" -Ok. "Listen for sounds, which will warn you of explosions!" -Huh, well, that was in the training. "Go Straight!" -But it's a FREAKING WALL!

As it turns out, I ran to the left, down the hall, jumped up, and found the switch that she insisted was in front of me.

What happened is it was dark already, but suddenly explosions kept on occuring without that particular sound, and I couldn't find the exit. So I was running around getting hit by these explosions, and died. This was the 2nd section, and my first time playing it. Gah.
Same here.

The PROBLEM with the control system is that the direction of character movement depends on the CAMERA, rather than where you point your analog thumb pad...it's stupid. If I move it upward in order to go straight and the camera is swinging around behind my character, he/she runs in a curve instead of straight!!!!!!!
FYI things CAN burn underwater. A fire can exist underwater if it has a source of fuel and oxygen. The fire is limited in area and size but it can still burn. Then again there are even some chemicals that will ignite when they come in contact with water. So fire underwater is not that crazy. And hell the game has transporters and fire suppresing lasers so god knows what things they might have that burn underwater.
there's not really any drastic problem with the framerate, polygons drop in and out quite regualrirly though which can be fairly disorientating.

i really like the game, but i can't help but feel that it was just a test bed for sonic adventure
It was pushing the Saturn's hardware.... it's a fully-3D game with advanced gfx (for the time), particularly the fire effects.... the Saturn is a powerful bitch
but with "traditional" 3D (where the PSX was stronger), compromises had to be made.... Sonic Team wanted to bring out something late in the Saturn's life that would give it one last new breath, and Burning Rangers was it.

All considered, they succeeded.... although Sonic X-Treme or Shenmue on Saturn would REALLY have rocked.