Burning Saturn Backups with Ezcd

Im using Ez Cd creator 5 - here is what i am doing and it does not work::

taking .iso and .mp3's

turn .mp3 to wav

name files accordingly::

e.g. thunder5.iso, thunder5 02.wav, thunder5 03.wav ect

in mixed mode cd burning i drop the iso to the data track icon, and the wavs to the audio icon in numbered order... it doesnt make my cd right! what am i doing wrong? i cannot afford cdrwin and burning at 1x sucks, so plz help with ez cd?
Well im trying the make a .cue from the .iso and .mp3 files and using binchunker, but binchunker dies on my machine.. im using win98se gives me an error about floating point zero or something
I don't think I've ever burned slower than 16x and still haven't had any problems with the Saturn not reading the discs. A good burner and good media help a lot.

And could everyone please stop with that "backup" bullshit. We know it's warez, you know it's warez, and using euphemisms won't make it any more legal.
MoonKnight: Some clarifications of why the burning application and related tools didn't work for you.

First, do NOT use Easy CD Creator to burn; Easy CD Creator's mixed mode CD is not the same as EZCD Pro's mixed mode from image. EZCD Pro is okay to use (as long as you're not running NT, 2K, or XP), but Easy CD Creator is NOT okay.

Second, BINChunker is used to extract the ISO and audio tracks as WAV file out of a mixed mode BIN+CUE image using the provided cue sheet. You don't use BINChunker to create a cue sheet for you as it needs a cue sheet to work. Therefore, BINChunker is totally useless and irrelevant for ISO+MP3 or ISO+WAV rips. The tool you would want to use to generate a cue sheet (from you ISO+MP3 or ISO+WAV rip) for you is Lodger's Sega Cue Maker.

As for burning, you can either follow the tutorials from the site that cww80 linked to (beware of popup ads, BTW) or give EZCD Pro (which doesn't need to use cue sheets) a try since you're running Win98. As explained by Trebble Winner's faq, once installed, go to File > New > Mixed-Mode CD from CD Image. Then drag and drop the ISO and WAV files in numerical order into EZCD Pro and burn.
Thanks guys, youve been a great help, now ive got Thunder Force 5 playing flawlessly using the easy cd 95, i thought ez cd creator 5 was the same shit, so no wonder it didnt work.

Is it easier for people to download a bin+cue rip or what? im gonna distro some of my games people seem to never have like Langrisser 5 and Langrisser Dramatic (Probably the best strategy rpg games ever on the saturn, the langrisser series.. 3 sucks so bad tho...hiss)
And actually about the "Backups" thing, i own just about all of my Saturn games minus 3, + the ones i just downloaded. they do need backing up so bleh.