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Hey guys what speed should you be burning at for saturn games and sega cd games... The lower the better? is 8x ok if you have to?
If you have got games with FMV, then the lower the better. For the saturn, the maximum recomended burn speed is 4x, However from memory i think that the sega cd's maximum recomended burn speed is 2x.

I found this information out by looking at the covers of official sega CDR media, i have a scan of a saturn one, but i dont have one for sega cd.

I do alot of my games at 8x, but from experience (sorry mal:)), that stuffs up games with FMV as well as VCD's i burn for my saturn.


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Originally posted by Berty@Nov. 11 2002, 3:49 pm

I do alot of my games at 8x, but from experience (sorry mal
), that stuffs up games with FMV as well as VCD's i burn for my saturn.

Yeah well, shit happens. :

As Berty says, FMV is particularly prone to skipping and audio sync problems if you burn at too high a speed.

I burn at 2x speed most of the time and 4x speed when I'm in a hurry.

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Yea I was always down with burning at 1x and I used to... I have to call Dell and get them to come out and see what is up with my CDRW and stuff... My CD-Rom is like not working at all now... I am going to get them to fix that then I am going to yank out the CDRW and put my Plextor 12/10/32A in that should do the trick :
: Because I have no idea why certain burning programs like Nero, NTi, EZ CD Creator start out at the minimum for me to select as 8x... But Blindwrite, CloneCD, Fireburner, and DJ all let me select 1x and up.
you would probabbly destroy the higher speed media by trying to burn it a 1x anyway

generally you can get away with higher speeds if youve got the better drives anyway, best bet is to experment with different media and see how your saturn copes with it, generally its as important to keep off your writers max speed by 1 or 2 steps rather than burning at the slowest speed it can do

i wouldnt recommend trying to burn them at 40x or anything too high though (stick to 8x unless you start having problems)
2x would be as low as you would need to go, being the Sega Saturn's actual CD spin speed and transfer rate.

like everyone else says, burn at 8x or 4x, and if you still have problems, go down to 2x.

all for the "Disk not suitable" error, which denotes a bad burn.