burning tracks shorter than 4 seconds

this is the first time ive encountered this problem. i noticed that track02.wav is very short, around a second and contains a voice sample and my burner is rejecting the cue sheet ive created. is there any way around this problem without having to edit the wav file?
yeah, i had this problem using cdrwin when burning iso+mp3 wit the cue, instead i used ezcd95(in the miscellaneous section or some part of the site) and it would burn
Why not edit the .wav?

Anyway, usually when you encounter a game with just one audio track, it's a copyright message that you hear if you play the game disc as an audio CD. It's not even part of the game itself, so you could just as easily substitute any other .wav file for it (min. 4 seconds of course, and 44.1kHz 16-bit stereo).

I did that when I got Cotton 2 and it was .iso only. Picked a random 30-sec. jingle from WinMX and used it as the audio track.
i get this problem with bin cue also -- in cdrwin and nero and fireburner

how can the short tracks be a copyright message wouldnt they be too short
Well, yeah. But you'd be surprised at the number of ways people screw up their CD rips. I know I am *sigh* <_<
I think it varies from burner to burner. Err, and I am not surprised at all when I get screwed up rips. Now whether they screwed up initially or if something went wrong down the line, that's harder to say. I have a Christmas Nights rip that fails to play any videos (intro or unlockable), and my copy of D&D shadow over mystara lacks sound effects. Music works fine. Bleh.