Burning Vatlva


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Hey guys,

About 6 months back somebody uploaded Vatlva to me. I burned it, and it froze at the title screen. No biggie, bad rip. I bought a brand new sealed copy of the game about two weeks back, and I ripped it with CDrwin, changed the area code, and burnt it to cd. I'm running into a problem, where the game just freezes at some of the loading screens. I can play a few of the story mode matches, but eventually it'll just freeze at the screen where u see your next opponent. Also, I can't play any of the battle modes at all, the game never loads. The cd is spinning like crazy while all this is going on. Any ideas? When I go home again I'll try burning it at like 1X, see if that makes a difference. Peace.
This is when a 4in1 cart comes in handy for playing games from other regions. I mean, if the original CD does this, that sounds pretty buggy to have been released. Have you tried ripping it with something else, perhaps ISO+wav with isobuster or whatever and then converting it to bin+cue?
Nevermind, my rip works. Just excrutiating load times