Burning Willy Beamish


I recently downloaded a .iso file of Willy Beamish...This is all I have. I want to burn it for playablity on Sega cd, but have been having trouble finding any faq on burning sega cd games....Can anybody help me by telling me what things to do? I recently found out that burning over 4x usually causes troubles....I have no idea what to do....thanks everyone..

(Edited by Gillian Seed at 7:42 pm on Jan. 14, 2002)
hey, my iso of Willy beamish just came with the .iso and no tracks and all the faqs tell you how to burn with mp3's or wav's, not just iso's...any ideas?
To quote the Fireburner FAQ

How do I burn data tracks or a combination of data and

audio using FireBurner?

Click File, then Load Tracks. Use multi-select (Shift+Click or Control+Click) to specify all your data and audio tracks (including MP3's). When you click OK, FireBurner will load each track into the layout. Assuming your recording device is configured correctly via the Device Options screen, all you have to do is hit Create CD then Burn.

Just don't add mps or wavs ('cause you have none)
Willy Beamish shouldn't have any audio files. I've never had an ISO of it since I have a copy of the game but... there isn't really any sound "tracks" so to speak... all the sound is contained in the little animated video things.

I could be wrong but... that's my logic.