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eheh, i've just seen a couple of shots from Virtua Cop 1 & 2 , maybe full model 2 emulation is possible after all
Were there any polygons in the Virtua Cop 2 screen shots?

Sonic Championship uses documented hardware...
well,announcing a game conversion,showing even a couple of shots from the game,then saying" sorry, i cannot emulate this game" would be rather stupid from the author of the emu...
Then why not show some polygons?

What those shots show is that the 2d aspect of the game is emulated. There is next to no information available about the Fujitsu TGP coprocessors Model 2 and Model 2A use.

As you can see on the Guru's web site there are even some Model 2C game shots, but no more polygons yet.

However, there is some info on their chips around so they are on their way.