Calling all translators...

I wanna translate all the menus in Fire Pro to English. I can't read\speak Jap but I got the full translations for all the menu text. (from gamefaqs) Ok now how do I start? And yes I gave up on all my other projects. (sorry I give up easy) It looks to me that all the text is located in 1st.bin and 2nd.bin. I can see the names of all the background music choices, which are in english in the game. Now how do I start translating???
Make sure you ask/credit The Mysterious Kagura for the translations.

Being a FAQ writer that writes many translation guides, i'd be pissed if someone used my translations for a translation patch
I had left this post alone due to the fact I hoped you would catch on that your question could be answered by searching the board a little harder. Alas, oh well.;t=5861;t=4889

Chances are, the text you're looking for fits under the single byte "modified ascii" category. In order to know for sure though, you're going to have to find the font yourself. Consider picking up tilemod2(available from and the two tilemod2 modules at TranslationNext. Then just go through all the files on the disc using all the tile modes and see if you can find the font. Once you find the font, locating the text is easy.

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Hey CWX you got mail.

I found some interesting things while using your Cotton 4bpp mod and scanning through the 1st.bin file. It appears to be the rest of th English font but it's in lower case. It's blurry, but I can definately make out english characters. I've taken screen captures and will put them in a directory on that site I gave you.

Also, now that I've found the English font, (it fits perfectly using 1bpp 8W 8H at 0366ish), how do I construct a font table? Basically what I'm asking is what hex code do I have to search for? I know too things in the option screen that appear in English, the word, "RANDOM" and "HUMAN DOME." I tried using searchr2 but that doesn't seem to do anything.
Ok I got your email. Is it possible to modify the Cotton 4BPP module? I would like to reduce it's height from 20 to 16. If you notice the numbers about a half inch below the text, (I've taken a screen shot of this), they go up in the air slanted, which leads me to believe that the height is off. I tried editing the cotton4bpp.c file and running makedm.exe but I keep getting this error:

C:\tmod>makedm cot4bpp.c

Bad command or file name

~$dm_obj.o: No such file or directory (ENOENT)

cot4bb.c is there...not sure as to why it won't let me run this. If you could upload a version of your mod where I could edit the height I would appreciate it. Thx
Ok I got your email. Is it possible to modify the Cotton 4BPP module?

Yeah, just adjust the minwidth, minheight, maxwidth, and maxheight values in the source code to whatever you want them at.

Make sure you have DJGPP installed and running smoothly before running makedm.

The reason I locked the width and height to 16x20 was so lazy and stupid people wouldn't email me saying my module wasn't working. My own personal version has the minwidth/minheight set to 8, maxwidth to 16, and maxheight to 20. To switch between sizes while in the program, just switch between a locked width module(like the default 1BPP and 16xhh 1BPP modules) and the target. Then use the '[' and ']' keys to adjust the height.

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Ok I did that, I also modified the fonts and rebuilt the cd. Here's what I know so far:

1) That font (the all capitals) in 1st.bin that uses 1BPP at around the 036600 mark I have no idea what it's for. I removed it, rebuilt the game, and burnt the cd. Nothing seems to have changed.

2) The font in 1st.bin that uses the Cotton 4BPP at around the 035500 mark seems to be only for "Now Loading..." text before you start a match. Seems to be a waste of font if you ask me.

3) The partial font in fps.sbl at the 0A8FE0 mark is for the copyright information and "Press Start Button" text at the start of the game.

I still have not been able to find the Japanese font, but I now have a hunch that the font will appear with the English font and other miscellaneous characters that the game contains.
Well, at least you're on the right track. It's perfectly normal for games to use multiple fonts for things. And yes, I will agree in some cases that it's retarded.

Anyways, as far as font 1) is concerned, I bet it's the debug font.

As far as finding the font you're looking for, if you have a commlink/action replay setup, just do vdp1/vdp2 vram dumps when that font is being used. Then just go through the vram and see if you can find it. Chances are, if you can find it there, you can probably find it using the same tile format when looking through the game's files.

That's basically why I wanted the full game from you, so I could do some ram dumps and see what I could find. I'll have to talk to you privately about that yet as I couldn't get my custom built version working.

Cyber Warrior X worked fine when I rebuilt the cd. Perphaps you forgot to convert the ip bin's territory?

Anyway I don't have a commlink card so I can't do a dump of the ram. If I did have one though I would probably try this first:

Start fire pro, make a new save, go to create a wrestler, load up the default template, rename the guy to "A" or something like that. Save and copy file to computer.

Then edit the guys name to something else, say "B", save, copy the file over, and then do a hex search for the differences between the two files. If done properly the only difference between the two files should be the name of the wrestler.

See where I'm getting at? Doing it this was we wouldn't even have to find the font. (*I think*) This was it wouldn't be that hard to slap together a font table, load it up in Thingy, and edit away...

Tell me what you think, I think this is easier that searching through the ram for something you may or may not find. I have no way to test this out myself yet, I'm looking for either a netlink or a commlink card.
Not sure what I did wrong. I did test my disc on SSF which could make a slight difference. The territory -was- right as it did get past the license screen but died shortly after. In fact, it even caused an internal error. ;P

It could be a problem with the 1st program but who knows. Anyways, your idea could very well work. If you can get the game working on SSF, just copy the saveram file after each save and compare the contents. You only need a table if you need someone to translate something for you. The only reason I suggested to search for the font was that it usually gives you a great clue in finding the text, and you may want to change it as well. Either way, give it a try and see what you can find.

You can get commlink cards from either GCC( or liksang. Can't really remember offhand who was cheaper.

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I tried it, it crashes under SSF. I will give the other saturn emulators a go, but I'm not sure if they support the back up ram cart...I know I had trouble with Satourne when I wrote my save game copier.
Hey do you have any tips on getting Satourne to load cds? or Giri Giri for that matter?

I can't figure out how to get Satourne to load cds for the life of me...I see the option for it, and I selected it, and it displays the correct iso information, but it doesn't seem to load the iso.

Giri Giri gives me some weird error in Japanese. CD@#$@## (jap characters) Not sure what gives...
I tried it, it crashes under SSF. I will give the other saturn emulators a go, but I'm not sure if they support the back up ram cart...I know I had trouble with Satourne when I wrote my save game copier.

Bah, then that means my self-made cd was probably fine all along. Too bad I already deleted it.

Girigiri has given me nothing but problems as well so I can't say I have any really useful advice. As far as satourne is concerned, basically just put in the cd, chose the drive and hit run. Of course make sure the region is set correctly before you hit run. Also understand that satourne's compatibility is -really- low. Even if you're doing everything right, there's a 1 in 10 chance you'll actually seen anything that suggests it's even partially working.

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I figured Satourne out, and it doesn't run Fire Pro either =(

So I guess this project is canned until I can get a netlink or a commlink card, or someone else with one of those feels like helping me out. Oh well thanks for all your help.

Also has anybody tried to translate Princess Crown? All the text is in Kanji.bin, 0.bin, and font.chr....
Canned unless I find the font....

Using my superior powers of deduction (read: dumb luck), I've found the real font in fire pro. It's located at 247600ish, using 12x12 mod, in FPS.sbl. I'm going to take a screen cap after I get the font to fit what's my next step? I've found the font, it has kanji as well as English upper and lower case. Do I start making a table for thingy now?
Heh, that happens to me a lot too. If you want to make a table, sure. You may also consider doing a relative search based on the font on the files from the disc to see if you can find the text now.

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