Can I play

I'm a newbie jackass as you can see. This is I'm sure a stupid question that you have answered many times. I searched but didn't see this one so here goes. I have a japanese skeleton saturn w/ a Saturn Action Replay 4M plus. Can I play back-ups? Do I need to do the swap trick? I also have a us saturn. Would it be in my best interest to mod this saturn so I don't have to do the swap trick. The swap sounds messy and I would rather not take a risk of screwing up my machine. Again, I'm sorry if I am wasting anyones time. Thank you for any help you can give to me.
you can do the swap trick without any hardware, but if the software is of a different region than what you have, it wont work, so you need to use satconv to make it the proper region, or use a cart. you best bet is to get a mod, has them, but only for a 21 pin system
I would add a mod board to the US Saturn. I would also fit a region mod to it (i.e. a switch) so you can play Japanese games on it - saves wear and tear on your "r@rE" Skeleton unit ;)