can i use a modboard on my saturn?

i have a model 1 saturn with the access light, and its got 21 pins on the ribbon cable. the ribbon cable is twisted where it connects to the main board where the modboard would go.

the model number is #mk-80000. if i get a modboard, will it work. if it does, can anyone recomend anyone? or does anybody have one for sale or trade? thanks im in the U.S.
As you've also posted in Buy/Sell/Trade I'm guessing you already know that you can mod your Saturn.

There are a few places that still sell mods. Lik Sang is one of them, but I'm not sure if they still ship to the US. Have a look through the forum (or on Google) and I'm sure you'll find others.
thanks mal! i posted in the buy/sell just in case it did. if not ill get a model 2. so will it work? what do you do with the twisted cable? which way do i have to install the ribbon cable into the modboard? thanks
ALL RIGHT NORBERTO! Do you know how lucky we are to have 21 pin model 1 sega saturns? Huh? DO YA?! Only about 10 percent of model ones were made with 21 pins! never sell it, all i'm gonna say right now. Um, yeah i'm gonna mod mine when i get the money, and the ribbon is twisted because sega fucked up and made it too long. so they just twisted it and taped it down with a piece of yellow tape. It still is fine. Get a mod from lan-kwei and to find out how to mod it go to and look around for instructions.
Actually Gallstaff, the ribbon cable has a twist in it because the socket on the main board is rotated 180 degrees compared to the one on the CD board.