Can this work?


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Hey guys, I have a friend who I'm gonna ask to burn a few games. A couple of them are imports. Now.... would it work to copy the imports, then take the burned copy back to my house, then rip it, then patch it for USA? The reason I'm asking this is because he doesn't let me put stuff on his computer (CDRWin for example), and therefore, I'll probably need to try this (with a CD-RW of course, so I can then erase the disc afterwards).

You think this could work?
As long as they are copied correctly and then ripped to image correctly, it should work. Think of it this way: you might have downloaded at least one rip that was probably ripped from a copy.

BTW, why not just ask your friend to lend you his/her games? That way, you can use your own computer to rip those games to images, patch it to USA/Canada code, and then burn.