Cant get screws out

One of my saturns got stripped screws once. What I did was to put the screwdriver into the hole where the screw itself was, and and hit it a couple of times till the plastic around the screw collapsed. Its obviously not good for your saturn, but its better then completly destroying the casing.
Wow! What have you guys been doing to your Saturns?

I'm amazed that you've been able to strip the phillips head screws. They only go into plastic.

All I can suggest is slowly turning the screws anti clockwise while firmly pushing the screwdriver into the screw. This should help make good contact with what ever is left of the screw's head.
well i just tried both things i was hittting it with a hammer and cant get it open...anyone wanna buy a unonpenable model 2 saturn?

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eeeeeerrrrrr! What Mal said ie. What are you doing to your saturns? If you stripped the top of the screw, then you were probabley using the wrong size driver. Too small a driver is usually the culprit. Try a larger driver and put downward pressure on it as you slowly turn it. (suddenly I feel like I'm having a sex talk with my son!). Don't bang on the unit. I doubt you would use a hammer on your computer and yet that is what consoles essentially are. If you do then stripper screws may be the least of your worries.
How the #### do you strip a Saturn screw? They don't go into metal. Anyway, my Saturn had broken mounts, so after I took it apart for the first time, I krazy glued everything back together. On an odd note, there was a shard of a CD case inside my Saturn. o_O?
I know, that's what's weird. You'd easily strip the threading because the screws don't screw into metal plates, but plastic slots. How on earth one would strip the heads is beyond me.
over time, with repeated removal and retightining they can become worn. Plus many screws used in electronic devices are made from a softer metal and so the techs use special tipped drivers for their removel ect. Also over tightining of the screws repeatedly can cause undue wear as well. But there are also tools available to remove stripped screws. You just have to go to a well equipt electronics shop to find them. As far as super glueing your console back together........a very commendable display of confidence in yours or the manufacturers work. Not sure it's a good idea for everyone though.
I'm almost sure I'll have to draw a schematic to express this in a manner which cannot be misinterpreted. That time will be when I'm not in seven hells of searing pain.
Actually my last post was a direct quote from that great porn title, "Screwing a Stripper" now on sale at EB toys. LOL!! :biggrin:

One of those deals, where the screws go in. I'd have drawn it more accurately, but I snapped one of my wisdom teeth. Ow. Anyway, a few of those were broken off in my Saturn, case a little loose. A little glue and some bond-up time, and it's as good as new, as long as no one overtightens the screws.