CD-R brands

can people post what cd-r's they use that actually work




doesnt work (i think) well havnt worked for me




yeh i havnt really burnt much so yeh... :(

i have sum sanyo, prynco and

but i doubt they will work so i dont want to waste em
TDK CD-R 74s work fine for me.

My brother uses Pryncos.

They both work fine at 4x speed.
I've used everything from the cheapest no label generos to the old nice White TDKs and never had any problems with my Saturn liking them. I've burnt about 500 CDRs for Saturn [around 275 for me, some for friends, some more for trades] - unlike PSX & SegaCD, it's not picky at all.
Really? Memos work great on mine. 650 or 700 Memos have never had the slightest problem with ANY thing I've ever used them on. I feel for ya pal, Memos are one of the better cheap CDRs.